Preservation Outreach: Hanging out with the students from Murray Elementary

Kara says:  Last week I had the opportunity to talk preservation with fifth graders from Murray Elementary School. There were 42 students, broken into two groups. These kids were curious, engaged, and asked terrific questions. They easily figured out what we did in Preservation Services; this is something that I find myself explaining to adults all the time. We talked about  what to do with damaged books, how the type of paper impacts how and whether we can repair it, and the ways that we use a blast freezer (for drying out wet books and handling bug infestations, NOT for keeping ice cream cold!) They were fantastic learners and it was a joy to talk with them about what we do here in Preservation Services. I just wish they had had more time to spend with us.

If any of these kids end up coming to U.Va. in six or seven years, I hope they will stop by and apply for a job, because I would love to have them work for us.  Thanks fifth graders, for being as excited about what we do as I am!