When Marginalia and Ephemera are Part of the Story

s book1Kara says: This book came across my workflow the other day with a strange note, “See box cover for explanation.” Intrigued, I turned the box over to read what would cause this book to get special treatment. It turns out that this book is not like most others. There is a story, Ship of Theseus, but that is only the beginning—because this work is really about the interactions of two readers who read the same copy of Ship of Theseus. They leave behind writing in the margins, postcards and photographs, and notes written on napkins! So my challenge was how to preserve the whole work as a book that was going to be circulated. With items deliberately stuffed in between pages—items essential for the story—how did I keep them from getting lost? Find out how (more pictures after the jump).

s book2