Preservation Strategy

Preservation Philosophy for the University of Virginia Library

The University of Virginia Library plays a unique role in preservation within the University. Preservation is a set of activities and an overall approach to everything we do in the Library–every activity is informed by a set of preservation principles. The ultimate aim of preservation activities at the University of Virginia Library is to ensure access to materials that enable research, teaching, and learning.

We strive to maximize the life expectancy and utility of collections, regardless of format, for current and future scholars. We collaborate with stakeholders to determine and define essential characteristics of materials. We advocate for the preservation of the scholarly and cultural record writ large. We embrace the challenges and possibilities of the digital world by acknowledging the integrity of both analog and digital objects and take a balanced approach that best captures the unique evidence or function of the original form.

In order to accomplish our preservation mandate, we

  • Adhere to the ethical standards of professional organizations and follow established best practices
  • Are proactive whenever possible and reactive as necessary
  • Sustain and maximize usability
  • Preserve integrity and authenticity
  • Are transparent about processes and decisions
  • Participate in collaborative initiatives that provide shared solutions to community-wide problems
  • Ensure sustainable preservation activities